9 Best Denture Cleaners ( In comparison ) in 2019

By Amanda Medina

Denture CleanerWe understand that searching for the best denture cleaner can be not really mainly because easy as it appears, as there are many products available on the market in this category. If you’re not sure which of these are the most effective ones, take a look at our selection below as it includes the highest-rated alternatives.

If a great denture cleanser is what you require, after that have a look at Efferdent’s 252 Piece Tablets, as this item successfully combats plaque and smell, bringing back the confidence of a healthy smile, especially if you often find yourself in various interpersonal circumstances.

The greatest component about this item is definitely that it can be utilized for complete dish dentures, incomplete types, retainers, as well as for other dental devices, keeping them clean and new at any given moment. You can even use it for your mouth area safeguard if you are coping with specific circumstances like apnea and want to make use of devoted dental appliances.

Besides its effects of fighting plaque and odour, the product can be also very effective in removing staining. You can utilize it jointly with a solid denture adhesive and a highly effective toothpaste for dentures, in purchase to get the optimum outcomes for a beautiful smile that requires your cares about you aside when it comes to this topic.


If you’ve got a good denture solution on your buying list, the Efferdent’s 252 Piece Tablets should most likely end up being one of your initial options as this item is certainly capable to successfully combat plaque and smell, permitting you to smile freely once again.

The best part about this item is definitely that you can use it for all types of dentures so it does not matter if they are complete dish dentures, incomplete types, retainers, or any various other comparable gadgets.

This item is certainly therefore effective that it will continuously keep them clean and you may actually use it for your mouthguard.

Besides its main effect of getting rid of plaque and odour, you will also observe that the Efferdent 252 is normally extremely effective when it comes to producing discolourations vanish.


Some clients lamented about the reality that the taste seems to possess changed since the last time they picked up this product.

2 . Stain Away Plus Mouth Treatment

Regent Labs’ StainAway As well as is normally another item that you can properly provide a try, if you discover yourself heading through denture cleaner testimonials not really becoming sure which one to select from the bunch of choices that are obtainable for sale.

The item functions extremely well when it comes to whitening and brightening dentures, as a result making them look as good as new, just like macular degeneration vitamins keep your eyes healthful while you age group. Furthermore, based on the producer, this remedy is certainly 3 instances even more effective than tablets, and the product packaging it comes with can last for up to 80 cleanings.

You can use the product over the night and in the morning you’ll enjoy fresh looking dental devices that appear skillfully cleaned out. Plus, the minty clean flavor makes the whole encounter even more pleasurable, therefore there’s nothing to worry about on this matter.

If you are looking for ideas of extremely wonderful presents for elderly people, you can couple this item with a highly effective cream for aged skin, and make your loved ones happy.


This is usually another unit that you can properly try if you’re having complications with your current item provided its great testimonials.

The StainAway As well as functions extremely well when you need a whitening and brightening dentures job done, being so good that it makes them look as great as brand-new.

Furthermore, regarding to what the producer says, this option is certainly 3 moments even more effective and effective than the tablets, while the product packaging it comes with is great to go for up to 80 cleanings.

Just use the product over the night and when you wake up in the morning you will enjoy new and healthful oral gadgets that appear like they have got been cleansed by a professional.

Also better, the minty flavor will make the whole experience better and run after away your aged worries of smelly breath.


A couple of customers were disappointed by the reality that the give appeared to have got mentioned 4 containers and they just received one.

3. Polident Overnight Whitening Antibacterial

In case you wish to give a good Polident denture cleaner a try, then we might possess found the answer to your mission. The effective formulation guarantees a deep washing procedure that restores dentures to their primary color. Furthermore, when utilized as aimed, Polident’s Overnight Cleanser reduces plaque and successfully eliminates difficult staining.

Despite becoming highly effective, the item is normally soft on the denture materials, therefore you do not require to get worried that it might have an effect on it. Furthermore, lab results possess demonstrated that the Overnight Cleanser kills 99. 99% of odor-causing bacteria, so make sure that you will enjoy a healthful smile all the period.

The item comes as effervescent tablets and the deal includes 120 of these, therefore you’ll end up being capable to utilize it for actually quite some time. To get the best results, soaking and then brushing the dentures is definitely the best idea that will help you fully remove the plaque and food particles.


The effective formula of this product ensures that the deep cleaning process that is required in purchase to accurately clean your dentures occurs as it should.

Furthermore, when utilized as directed, it offers been demonstrated that Polident’s Overnight Facial cleanser is capable to effectively reduce plaque as well as remove tough stains.

While highly effective and efficient, this product is very mild on the denture materials therefore don’t become scared about having it afflicted in any method.

Also, laboratory results have proven that this product kills 99. 99% of all odor-causing bacteria so you will enjoy a healthy smile and say great riddance to those unpleasant scents in your mouth area.

The package deal consists of 120 effervescent tablets so you should become great to proceed for incredibly some time.


While customers were satisfied by the way this product got the job done, some of them mentioned they desired it got been a little cheaper.

4. Polident 3 Minute Antibacterial Denture Facial cleanser

Another effective item that comes in the type of effervescent tablets, Polident’s 3 Minute Antibacterial method is normally the substitute to believe about if you do not possess an ultrasonic denture cleaner but you want to find a quick and effective solution.

Delivered in packs of 2 for a longer use, the product is definitely very easy to utilize. Everything you require to perform is definitely to place the dentures in a shower or ideal pot, add extremely warm drinking water to cover them, but end up being cautious as it should not really be warm. Once this is usually done, simply drop a Polident tablet and let it soak for 3 minutes.

In this case as well, for the greatest outcomes, you should also clean the dentures with Polident option, utilizing a smooth clean. Make sure to toss away any staying option every single day are carried out. Also, you have to thoroughly rinse the dentures under running water for one minute before using them again.


This is certainly another effective item when it comes to great effervescent tablets from Polident credited to the speed with which it is certainly capable to clean your dentures.

The item can be delivered in packs of 2 so it is usually able to last longer and it is usually very easy to use since all you need to perform is certainly place your dentures in an ideal pot, add warm-to-hot drinking water and drop a Polident tablet in it.

The producer suggests that, for the greatest outcomes, you also clean your dentures with an alternative from Polident by utilizing a gentle brush, as apparently, this will completely remove any bacteria and staining from your product.

Consequently, this is definitely a great way to keep your dentures clean and healthful and once once again end up being capable to appreciate an odor-free smile!


While the customers had been appreciative of the reality that this item gets the work carried out, some of them described it requires a little longer than 3 moments for it to completely break down.

5. Equate Antibacterial Denture Cleanser

Equate’s Antibacterial Mint Fresh product is certainly a great option if you would like to obtain exceptional outcomes and you’ve currently attempted various other strategies such as a homemade denture cleaner but still require something more effective. The fast-acting method uses two layers to quickly clean dentures and destroy odor-causing bacteria.

You can use this product on numerous oral applications, such as complete or incomplete dentures, bridges, or detachable orthodontic types. The producer suggests using it once a time, and the greatest component is that you can saturate the dentures over night. Nevertheless, the item may also be effective after a 3-minute actions.

Delivered in a multipack of 2 containers of 120 tablets each, you will become using it for quite some time, given the total number of 240 tablets. If you want to remove plaque, stains, and kill 99% of odor-causing bacteria, then you should definitely provide this choice a try.


Equate’s Antibacterial item is a great choice for individuals who require superb outcomes and are currently given up with other methods such as trying a homemade denture cleaner, while still needing something far more effective.

This fast-acting formula employs two layers to dispatch of odor-causing bacterias and clean your dentures in a quick and no-nonsense way.

Another great factor about it can be the truth that you can utilize it on numerous dental care applications such as complete or incomplete dentures, bridges, and other similar items.

For best results, the manufacturer advises using it once every day and the nice component is usually that it’s totally good and well-advised to saturate the dentures over night. Nevertheless, despite that, you’ll still discover it simply as effective after a quick, 3- minute action during the daytime.


One of the people who bought this mentioned that not all tablets looked like they can obtain the work completed since some had been correct white while others got a yellow color.

6. Polident Dentu-Creme Denture Toothpaste

Although up until this moment we’ve been talking about tablets and other forms of cleansers, here we have a cream that is usually equally effective and you might choose this kind of item rather than the various other alternatives, as you might discover it simpler to make use of.

This cream is certainly specifically developed for denture wearers, and it contains minty ingredients that make your denture feel new and clean. This means that you will enjoy a confident smile at any moment, specifically cultural types, and if this your goal, you should provide it a try.

In conditions of user friendliness you’ll have got no complications, as all you require to perform can be brush your dentures with the creme and it will remove up to 99% of the odor-causing bacteria. Moreover, if you apply this treatment regularly, it will effectively remove plaque as well.

This is usually a product recommended by some cosmetic dentists, as well, therefore this talks of its general efficiency.


While we’ve just been displaying you tablets and various other types of cleansers so much, this Polident cream is definitely not only equally effective but you may also grow to like it more than the various other alternatives since it’s debatably simpler to make use of.

The cream was particularly made for denture users and its producers produced sure it consists of minty elements that will give your denture a new and clean feeling, just like it’s intended to.

What this means is definitely that this cream will bring back your toothy, self-confident smile at any minute throughout the time therefore, if this is normally your goal, you should actually provide this a try!

When it comes to functionality, you should expect no issues since all you possess to do is normally brush your dentures with it and watch 99% of the odor-causing bacteria melt aside.


While no one acquired an issue with the efficiency of this item, some clients talked about they had been not really supporters of the aftertaste in their mouths.

7. Efferdent Power Clean Crystals

If you need an effective alternate to your natural denture cleaner, then Efferdent’s Power Clean Crystals may be the right choice. This product comes in a different type that functions extremely well, as the deposits remove challenging discolorations and bacterias that can trigger smell.

The Power Clean Deposits can become securely utilized for retainers and mouth area protections mainly because well, which implies that even more people of the family members can enjoy its benefits. The best part is that it acts very quickly, and in just 3 minutes you’ll see results. If you use it frequently, you’ll become capable to with confidence smile at any provided second.

The item is simple to manage and all you require to do is usually pour very warm water into a container, add the contents of one packet, and then fully immerse your denture into the option. Allow it drain for 3 mins and for the greatest outcomes, also clean it.


If for some reason, your natural denture cleaner just does not get the job done anymore, Efferdent’s Power Clean Deposits may be simply what you require since it comes in a different type that also functions extremely well when it comes to eliminating hard spots and odor-causing bacteria.

Moreover, the Crystals can be safely used for both retainers and mouthguards as well so more members of your family, even the sportsmen, can appreciate its benefits.

The great component about this is certainly that it works extremely quickly books just require to wait around 3 quick minutes to see the results.

Therefore, regular use of this will once again bring back your ability to smile freely and confidently at any given second.


Some of the many people who procured this stated that occasionally the blue coloring stays to their retainers and, even more frequently than not, it requires a good toothbrush cleaning to go away.

8. Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Polishing Jewelry Cleaner

Magsonic’s Professional Ultrasonic device can be a powerful cleaning program that carefully gets rid of dirt, dirt, and grime from products that consist of jewelry, spectacles, watches, and also dentures in simply a matter of a few minutes, without running the risk of damaging them.

The way this device works can be through its 42, 000 ultrasonic energy wave cycle that creates hundreds of thousands of microscopic cleaning pockets. These successfully remove also the most persistent discolorations through an effective but soft washing. The entire process continues for up to 3 moments after which an auto shut-off ends the cycle.

The device is certainly also peaceful and the solid state circuitry ensures constant washing every period. In conditions of structure and resilience, the metal metal washing container can match both small and large items alike. These can become fully submerged and washed only by using faucet water. If you wish to improve the outcomes, you can also add detergent.


This professional gadget from Magnasonic is normally able of providing an effective washing by carefully getting rid of dirt, grime, and dirt from products that consist of jewelry, pieces, glasses, and actually your preferred dentures in only a few mins, with no risk to them.

The method this gets the work completed therefore well can be through its 42, 000 ultrasonic energy influx cycles that efficiently generate thousands of microscopic-sized cleaning pockets. As a result, these simply remove even the most stubborn of stains.

The entire process can last for up to three minutes after which you won’t even have to worry about it because an auto shut-off ends the cycle for you.

The gadget is usually not really noisy at all and the solid-state circuitry ensures a thorough and consistent washing every period.


While many clients decided this is certainly a highly effective method to clean your stuff, some of them had been disappointed that the item basically ceased functioning after about one season.

9. Dazzlepro Clean Case UV Oral Sanitizer

When it comes to dental cleanliness, bacterias can end up being accountable for a lot of problems that might arise, such as cavities, swollen gums, and others. If you wear dental appliances like dentures or retainers, you might need to think about an option for thoroughly sanitizing them.

Dazzlepro’s UV Dental care Sanitizer is definitely an uniquely-designed highly-portable case that efficiently washes dentures, retainers, night time pads and many additional such products. The overall process will take up to 10 a few minutes, so you can relax guaranteed that you’ll not really spend as well very much period obtaining the work performed.

The technology functions by using germicidal ultraviolet light, which eliminates up to 99. 99% of the bacterias, organisms, shape, and fungus. The gadget also immediately turns off once the routine is certainly comprehensive, so you can proceed ahead and do your additional chores. As it is definitely highly lightweight and portable, this gadget is great for travel as well.


Dazzlepro’s UV Dental Sanitizer is an uniquely-designed way in which you can get rid of the several problems that can occur when you wear dental appliances like dentures or retainers and you need a great method to maintain them healthful and clean.

The highly-portable case basically will go to city and washes denture retainers, mouthguards, night time protections, and anything else with ‘ safeguard ’ in it.

The whole procedure may consider up to 10 mins but you can relax guaranteed that after waiting around you will have a properly cleaned and sanitized item that you can safely put in your mouth.

The way this technology works is by using germicidal ultraviolet light to kill up to 99. 99% of the bacteria, mold, microorganisms, and fungi.

Furthermore, the device automatically shuts off once the entire process is definitely complete so you do not also require to get worried about it.


Many customers stated the poor flavor they got in their mouth area after washing their retainers or dentures.

Our Annual Information

Mouth cleanliness is definitely a subject that certainly comes with a great deal of information to understanding since it’s a vast field with ramifications for both our comfort and ease and health. This also includes dental appliances, as they require particular interest and treatment when it comes to getting preserved.

As bacterias can acquire and result in a range of potential problems, it’s essential to discover the most effective alternative of completely washing them on a regular basis. Right here simply because well, there are multiple alternatives you can opt for.

When it comes to dentures, these, mainly because well need an unique treatment and there are multiple ways to get this carried out. No matter what you will choose, there are some items you should keep in mind before venturing into the pool of obtainable products.

Types of cleaners

Denture cleaners can generally come in one of the following forms: effervescent tablets (or powder ), cream or ultrasonic products. In purchase to determine which one particular is certainly the greatest choice for you, let’s consider a minute and talk about about their differences.

Cleaners that come in a powder /tablet form are extremely effective in eliminating plaque and hard spots, mainly because well as in eliminating odor-causing bacterias. This type is extremely simple to make use of since everything you require to perform is to look for a suitable box, add the tablet or natural powder, and then fully submerge the denture.

Once the indicated time is usually up and the process is usually over, don’t forget to thoroughly rinse the dental device with running water before using it again. The best part about tablets or powder is usually that they effectively reach every part of the denture and that they work very fast.

For some items, just 3 mins are more than enough for the option to offer outcomes, and for others, you can keep it to saturate over night. Also, you do not require to get worried about any potential problems of the oral kitchen appliance.