Amanda MedinaHey! My name is definitely Amanda Medina.

3bestnow.com was built to help people get started with building a website or blog so they can help fund their lifestyle. So many people work their fingers to the bone to earn a living, working 40+ hours a week, never seeing their kids grow up and never being able to afford the good things in life.

I was there. 27 years old and working in a dead-end job, trying to support my girlfriend and our newborn baby daughter, Elsa. I hardly saw them. Only on a Sunday when I had a day off, was I able to spend some valuable time with my young family.

I was always into web design and got myself a few freelance jobs setting up blogs and creating content for small regional business. It was after that I noticed that I could make a great deal of cash through blogging.

As the weblog building purchases folded in, simply from suggestions from earlier customers, I got enough cash to begin building my personal weblogs and start producing some severe money.

I cover a wide range of subject areas from running blog fundamentals to even more advanced methods such as obtaining even more visitors or producing even more cash from your blog page.

If you possess needed to begin a weblog for some time but simply do not really understand where to begin or how to begin after that you are in the correct place. All of the info on my weblog and e-zine can be obtainable to you for free of charge.