5 Best Aluminum & Tin Foil Alternatives

By Amanda Medina

best aluminum foilLightweight aluminum foil may be a staple in your kitchen, but it falls short when it comes to your zero waste lifestyle goals.

It’s a much better idea to switch your trusty tin foil for a greener lightweight aluminum foil alternate.

Why is it definitely tin foil good?

Tinfoil is normally frequently utilized during cooking food when coating cooking bed sheets or covering meals in the range to prevent it from obtaining burnt on best. But tinfoil does not frequently obtain used again, and it frequently can’t end up being recycled because it arrives into get in touch with meals.

There is various other Best Rated Aluminum Foil Wrap to have in the brain about tin foil, such as when it comes to the basic safety of meals that are ready with it.

Here’s what you require to understand about tin foil and what to substitute it within your ecological home.

If you’d like to observe a graphical breakdown of the green alternatives, we got you covered:

You reach for it when you need to cover a lasagna that’s cooking in the oven or when you need to wrap some food leftovers. But lightweight aluminum foil comes with many drawbacks.

Some study offers found that tin foil can become harmful to our health by increasing the amount of lightweight aluminum in our physiques.

Alum storage containers and cooking food items, mainly because well as lightweight aluminum foil, all leach lightweight aluminum into meals, as reported by Healthline.

While the quantity of lightweight aluminum we’re exposed to is considered safe, the site goes on to say that research has found higher levels of aluminum in people with Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s Bad For The Environment

Producing a ton of aluminum requires 170 million BTUs ( British Thermal Units, a measure of energy).

This is the equivalent of 1, 400 gallons of gasoline. It also releases approximately 12 tons of greenhouse gases.

Five Eco-Friendly Alternatives To
Lightweight aluminum

Fortunately, you do not possess to continue using light weight aluminum tin foil in your house.

There are safer and eco-friendlier choices obtainable to you. Let’s check out five of the greatest types.

Planks Wraps

These are produced of planks wooden and are a creative way to wrap food that you’re grilling.

Simply soak the wraps in water for a few minutes, then wrap them around the food you’re placing on the barbeque grill.

Since they’re produced of planks wooden, they provide meals a lovely smoky flavor.

You can find cedar wraps at the meat and seafood counter in your local grocery store, or in the grilling and BBQ section of your local hardware store.

If that fails, look for them in shops that specialize in selling outdoor cooking products and utensils.

Although you can’t reuse cedar wraps, they can
be recycled and put in your compost heap in the form of wood shavings so they
don’t go to waste.

Beeswax Meals Wraps

These meals wraps have got been gaining reputation recently because they can end up being used again, but they’re also a brilliant lightweight aluminum foil substitute.

Beeswax meals wraps are made up of natural cotton infused with food-grade beeswax and natural oils such as jojoba and coconut.

What’s therefore great about beeswax cover is definitely that it’s therefore versatile it can end up being designed around storage containers in various methods, hence which makes it extremely flexible.

How to make use of them

Place beeswax wraps over foods to secure them, such as when you desire to cover a sandwich for lunch. When they’re no longer needed, gently wash them clean with frosty drinking water and dish cleaning soap before reusing them. Avoid washing them with scorching drinking water as that can have got a burning impact on them.

While beeswax cover can be an interesting choice, you
have got to care for it to ensure that it will last. Generally, beeswax wraps can last
between six and 12 several weeks.

Where to purchase them

A basic internet search will display you many on the web shops that share beeswax wraps. There are also DIY lessons if you’re thinking about producing your very own!

Silicon Meals Addresses

Silicon addresses for meals, occasionally known as stretch out covers, are a great substitute to both plastic material and foil when you require to cover meals that’s just been cooked or leftovers for the next day.

What’s so great about them is usually that they can be used to cover different items, such as cans, cups, bowls, or dishes, and some even seal the item with clips so that your food stays fresher for longer.

As with any silicone product, usually make sure it’s FDA approved and “ food level ” labeled as low-quality silicone can be not as durable and not considered safe for food.

Where to buy them

You can find a range of silicone food addresses on Amazon.

Silicone Baking Linens Or Pads

Silicone comes to the save again when it comes to baking. Silicone baking linens are much better for the environment than aluminium foil.

They’re also better than parchment paper because they are thicker, rest smooth instead of curl up, and they can become reused many occasions.

They also prevent you from having to use
non-stick sprays because silicone naturally helps prevent food from adhering to its

Where to buy them

You can find silicone bed sheets or exercise mats in a range of areas, such as your regional supermarket or on the web at Amazon . com.

A be aware on silicon in cooking

As talked about previous, at all times make sure the silicon items you purchase are tagged “ meals quality. ”

When cooking food or cooking with silicon items, prevent using temperature ranges higher than 484 levels Fahrenheit (251 levels Celsius) credited to low amounts of chemical substances that obtain released at incredibly high temperature ranges.

Cup Storage containers

When you’ve finished cooking and you need to store food in the fridge, the best factor is to choose glass containers.

These are a classic and simple option that makes the most sense.

Glass can become reused many instances, it’s odorless, and if you’re worried about space in your fridge, you can purchase Snapware that offers containers in a variety of sizes for easy stacking.

The bonus of using glass to store food is that you can see what food is in it immediately, which helps you prevent accumulating food waste that doesn’t get eaten.

Other Green Alternatives To

Aluminum Foil

Sometimes you need to use an alternative item to light weight aluminum foil but additional instances a little of innovative thinking shows you do not want foil or anything!

Right here are some concepts for greener cooking food:

Collection Your Meals When Barbecuing

If you’re barbecuing seafood, cut some ” lemon ” pieces and place these 1st on the barbeque grill. After that place your seafood on best of them.

This can be a smart method to prevent using foil and it infuses the seafood with the flavor of ” lemon “. You can also place the seafood on vegetables.

Bake Vegetables In The Range Without Foil

You can prevent foil simply by learning how to cook vegetables to ensure that they come out as tasty as they do when wrapped in foil.

In the case of baked potatoes, rub the potato all over with olive oil. Place the potato on a plate and cover it with coarse salt.

Then, put the potato in the oven. You’re looking at approximately 45 minutes of baking. Baking the potato without foil prevents soggy potato skin, which is a bonus.

Pro tip : When buying potatoes you want to bake in the oven without foil, select Russet taters. These are greatest for cooking because they possess heavy skin that become wonderful and crispy while conserving the cozy spud inside.

Related Queries

Why Should You Avoid Aluminum Cookware?

Although it’s considered safe, it releases aluminum into food.

Acidic foods, like tomatoes, cause more aluminum release, and longer cooking or storing times also increase the amount of this metal that enters your food, as reported by Livestrong .

How Can You Cover Foods Cooking In The Oven?

There are many options instead of using aluminum foil. Use a metal lid, silicone lid, or baking sheet to cover your foods.

The benefit of these items is usually that you can reuse them for a long time and for other uses around the kitchen.

Is Parchment Paper Eco-Friendly?

It’s not eco-friendly – it’s made with the use of chemical substances like acidity, sulfur, and chlorine, which can leak into foods.

In addition , it’s not really extremely eco friendly because parchment paper can be brittle and covered with silicon to make it non-stick.

This can be also what makes it hard to recycling and you can’t compost it.


It may be hard to envision cooking food without the utilization of lightweight aluminum foil, but as we’ve demonstrated in this content, there are many green and secure alternatives to using lightweight aluminum in the kitchen.

From silicon rugs to beeswax meals wraps, selecting an lightweight aluminum foil substitute is usually among the best methods to make your cooking food even more eco friendly and healthier for the entire family members.